Daily Menu Chart of Gudalur Taluk Muslim Orphanage.

The orphanage provides its beloveds nutritious foods which are essential for their physical and mental growth. The food expenses are being mainly carried on by the sponsorship of philanthropists

Day Morning Break fast Lunch Evening Tea Dinner
Sunday Appam,Chatney, and Tea. Chicken Biriyani Curd Chatney,and Pickle
Tea, Snackes
Chappatti,Fish gravy
Monday Idly, Vada,Sambar,Chatney,Pudina Chatney,and Tea. Rice, Fish gravey, Curd gravy,Porial, Koottu,Pappadam and Pickle
Tea, Snackes
Poratta, Egg gravy
Tuesday Idiyappam, Ghee pattiri, Veg.gravy, and Tea Meat Biriyani Curd Chatney, Puthina chatney,and Pickle
Tea, Snackes
Rice, Sambar,Porial, Appalam, Avial
Wednesday Boori,Masal and Tea. Vegitable Biriyani, Pappadam and Pickle
Tea, Snackes
Chappatti, Veg.gravy,and Tea
Thursday Puttu,Kadali Gravy Rice,Fish Fry, Sambar,Porial, Kottu,Appalam, Rasam.
Tea, Snackes
Kuska, Mutton Gravy, Curd Chatney, Pickle
Friday Masal Dosa, Vada, Sambar,Chatney,and Tea. Ghee Rice, Meat Gravy, Curd Chatney,Appalam, and Pickle
Tea, Snackes
Rice, Sambar,Rasam, Appalam, Avial
Saturday Poratta, Egg gravy, and Tea. Vegetarian Meals, with Payasam.
Tea, Snackes
Pattiri, Chicken Gravy. and Tea.



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